News A World leader in Automotive Industry has reduced its Plants Scrap by 20% thanks to Lintao’s LinPack and Qlik Sense

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By Robert Hoekstra On July 1, 2019
A World leader in Automotive Industry has reduced its Plants Scrap by 20% thanks to Lintao’s LinPack and Qlik Sense

Lintao and its solution LinPack for Qlik Sense have been selected by a World Leader in the Automotive Industry in April 2018 to implement its Scrap Business Intelligence and Analytics initiative. The customer selected Qlik Sense as its Entreprise BI solution.

The primary objective of the project was to reduce plants scrap by 10% in the region selected for the first scope. Scrap is one of the top offenders impacting the financial performance. Despite the efforts to drastically reduce operations scrap, most of the plants are still facing tremendous challenges to meet their targets.

With the implementation of the BI and Analytics initiative, it enabled business users to transform data into actionable information, applying business analytics that helps them taking business driven decisions near to real time. They overcame operational challenges faced in different business process execution.

The customer is an international company in the Automotive Industry with 85 production units and 14 R&D Centers, the Group has a presence in about 20 countries.

“This initiative was an important success within the group and will be deployed in different plants around the World. We exceeded the objective with 20% scrap reduction in our region” said the Project Sponsor.

LinPack for Qlik Sense was the key differentiator that helped Lintao winning the Request for Proposal. Key benefits of using LinPack when building a BI solution on Qlik Sense are:

  • More cost effective: with its pre-built dashboards pages, centralized KPI dictionary and pre-defined business rules we do not need to reinvent the wheel
  • Gain time: reduce business requirements duration, reduce development time (shorter delivery, shorter validation)
  • Better user autonomy: a huge number of analytical combinations available for any end-user, pick your KPI and combine it with any available analytical axis in almost all data visualizations
  • Improved quality: leverage Business Intelligence market best practices, leverage 15+ years experience in Analytics, pre-validated visualizations & KPIs