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We create premium dashboards for world's leading organizations.


Lintao SA is specialized in maximizing the impact of information on organization growth.

We are proposing dashboard templates on more than 25+ business domains

We also edits LinPack-for-Tableau, an online service which allows you to generate stunning Tableau dashboards, for your own business and on your own data. In just 5 minutes, get a fully functional Tableau dashboard which you can use as-is, or as a development accelerator for additional customization. Try it for free at linpack-for-tableau.com

Our solutions and expertise are based on Tableau Software, Qlik Sense and QlikView.

Lintao SA is a swiss company, located in Geneva, operating World-wide. 

maximizing the impact of information on organization growth

Lintao is specialized helping organizations better leverage their data as a key asset for sustainable growth.

Organizations have often been spending heavy budgets in capturing large sets of information through the deployment ERPs. The accumulated data can be turned into superior business levers by transforming information into concrete business actions.

We handle the Business Intelligence initiatives of our customers from A to Z: Strategy, Management, Delivery, Support and Change Management.


Based in Geneva Switzerland, Lintao is operating world-wide in direct mode (mainly in Switzerland and France) or through trusted partners in Australia, Belgium, Germany, Luxembourg, New Zealand and in many other countries. Wherever you are based, Lintao can provide you with premium dashboards for your own business.

Visit our contact page to know who is local partner.

Lintao mindset: Commitment & Collaboration

At Lintao,  we own your objectives as ours. We are totally committed to your success. It is our way of partnering with our customers.

We value more Individuals and Interactions over Processes and Tools.

We value more Collaboration over Contract Negotiation.

Does 'Lintao' actually mean something?

Indeed, it is often one of the first questions people are asking us: “Lintao? does it mean something?”

To make a long story short: not at all.

When we created the company, the most complex problem was actually to find a ‘good’ name. Already a challenge to define what was a good name 🙂

The first idea was to put some keywords together. We were thinking about “Lean BI” or ‘Lean something‘ because we love the lean process approach. But we found nothing really convincing… we tried then ‘Agile BI’ and this kind of stuff… even worse…

Ok, let’s take another approach: why not trying keywords like ‘Added Value’ in another language? In Latin? ‘Ad Valorem’… this is THE name, cool, old-looking enough to transmit a value of trust… then you find out that half a million of companies in the world are called ‘Ad Valorem’… After one month of searches in Google Translate, trying to convert any silly keywords in ANY language in the world, we finally got it. We translated ‘Knowledge’ into chinese, and we got ‘qing-bao’. We loved the musicality of the word. YES!!!!! WE GET IT!!!

Then, we looked on Google who gently told us it was the name of the secret services in China. You know what? Not a good idea finally 🙂

Let’s restart from the beginning? Almost, we loved the last idea and joining it with  the first one ‘Lean something‘, we got ‘LinBao’… quite good but still need a bit more energy. So, we tried ‘Lintao’, we loved and still love it 🙂

We then registered the company as ‘Lintao’.

A week after, we met a chinese friend. We were so excited to tell her: “You know what? We have just been creating a company having a chinese-like name, we called it Lintao“.

She looked at us:

“Do you know it actually means something in chinese?”

“Aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh??!!!?!??? What could it mean??? ‘Chicken sandwich?’, ‘I want to kiss you’, ‘We are proven idiots’???? “. You should have seen the stress on our faces…

“It actually means ‘Arrival of clarity’… “

Not so bad finally for a company who wants to provide business insights to its customers 🙂


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