Analytics: On-boarding Programs & Trainings

We support world's leading organizations to develop their skills in Analytics and Self-Service BI.

Analytics: On-boarding Programs & Trainings

We deliver all kinds of trainings

All our trainings can be delivered as a class session to an audience, or as a one-to-one session on a specific subject of your choice.

Trainings on Dashboarding Solutions

From Basics To Expert level trainings on Tableau, PowerBI and Qlik

Trainings on Dashboard Design

Might be the most important training….

Our renown and top-selling training on hot to design premium dashboard:

  • Which Business Goals
  • Which User Experience
  • Which KPIs
  • Which Dimensions
  • Which Data Visualizations

Training given on 6 Management Schools

Trainings on Best-Practices

  • How to design & create a Business Layer to improve accessibility to Self-Service BI
  • What are the best practices to build a reliable and maintainable dashboard?
  • Which Data Visualizations for which purposes?
  • What are the characteristics of a mind-blowing dashboard?
  • How to design a great cockpit?
  • How to build a dashboard with great response-times?

We help you grow your skills on Analytics & Data

We accompany numerous companies in their analytical journey, helping them to quickly leverage their investment in analytics.

The objective is to share with you our deep experience in analytics and to have your teams gradually become autonomous on BI.

Dashboard Design

  • We show you how to design efficient business dashboards
  • We animate the first workshop(s), then gradually, your teams do
  • We can review your dashboard design

Dashboard Architecture and Implementation

  • We show you how to quickly build maintenable dashboards
  • We create the first dashboard(s) with you, until you are autonomous
  • We can review your dashboard implementation

Dashboard Polishing

  • We show how to create a world-class layout for your dashboard(s)
  • We can polish your dashboards so they look amazing 🙂

Dashboard Health-Check

We can validate your dashboard before deployment:

  • Ensure superior layout and mind blowing design
  • Review & Secure the development for a reliable dashboard
  • Optimize dashboard performance

Typical on-boarding program

This is an example of on-boarding program allowing you to gradually and quickly grow your skills in analytics & self-service BI:


We deliver self-service trainings & on-boarding programs on

Tableau Software

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Qlik Sense

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