Manage my business Service Management / Call Center Dashboard

Manage my business | Service Management / Call Center Dashboard

Service Management / Call Center Dashboard: Clearly measure your ability to address your customers requests with the highest level of satisfaction.


Call centers perform numerous functions for companies. The call center acts as the nerve center of a company, through which all incoming and outgoing calls are routed: appointments, complaints, claims, direct sales… The management of a hub of people and technologies such as this requires specific and precise knowledge (concerning the technology used for example) and a wide range of skills and competencies (from HR management to the setting up of physical and virtual networks, and the use of statistical data, etc.).

This raises the question of how to measure the capacity to respond to customer requests, while providing the highest possible level of satisfaction? More specifically: are the tools currently available really suitable for the optimization of all key operations within the call center?

Having the benefit of a service management dashboard designed for call centers is without doubt of vital importance in order to monitor key points specific to the profession.


Service Request Management

  • Entitlement verification
  • Service request analysis
  • Service request assignment
  • Service request escalation

Interaction Management

  • Call routing
  • Call script management
  • Computer telephony integration
  • Customer collaboration
  • Customer self service
  • Email response management
  • Interaction channel analysis
  • Sales advisor
  • Store locator

Customer Satisfaction Management

  • Complaint management
  • Customer satisfaction analysis
  • Customer satisfaction survey

Field Service Management

  • Real-time data capture
  • Remote dispatch
  • Repair management
  • Schedule management
  • Technician management
  • Truck inventory management

Knowledge Management

  • FAQ management
  • Knowledge base
  • Seminar management
  • Solution Management


Given the many and varied skills and competencies required to run a call center, the difficulty often lies in ensuring continuous, real-time monitoring of work performed by teams. A 100% customizable dashboard designed specifically for call center operations comes into its own when you need to summarize and view data at a given moment in time:

  • Monitor requests for service, including key attribute information to support effective escalation and reporting (e.g., type, owner, created date/time, etc.).

  • Analyze all aspects of an organization’s interactions with customers in a multi-channel environment to provide optimal service and communications

  • Monitor and analyze customer/consumer satisfaction by regularly surveying customers/consumers, analyzing the corresponding results, and creating appropriate responses

  • Manage service representatives and resolve service requests that occur in the field and require effective evaluation of service entitlements, dispatch of skilled technicians, transportation to customer sites, delivery of service parts, and resolution of complex product issues

  • View information that assists the organization and customers in understanding products, services, processes, and marketing and sales opportunities (e.g. industry trends, company profiles, news).

  • Summarize large data flows with efficient visualizations created according to specific information requests, such as transformation rates, return rates and breakage rates

  • Assess the distance between where you are and where you want to be, by performing real-time analysis of data related to time spent per call, number of calls on hold, customer satisfaction, or any other KPI that you wish to include in your dashboard

Service Management / CALL CENTER KPIS

Key Performance Indicators are used to measure the realized progress towards a strategic objective.
For a Service Management / Call Center dashboard, here is a sample list of KPIs Lintao recommends (non exhaustive list):

  • Cancelled Order Count (#)

  • Claims (#)

  • Customer Satisfaction

  • Damaged Units (#)

  • Failed Orders (€)

  • Returned Product (€/%)

  • Service Call Count (#)

  • Service Level

  • Call Waiting time

  • Call Resolution Rate

  • Call Resolution Duration

  • Call Abandon Rate (%)

  • Average Call Duration

  • Average Handle Time

  • Operators (#/FTE)

  • Hours of Operators

  • # calls answered with ten second

  • # of complaints cleared up to satisfaction of the customer within 3 days

  • # of contacts per agent

  • # of unique callers

  • % of agents utilization

  • Cost per minute of handle time

  • Call back made (%)

  • Agent utilization rate

  • … or your own Service Management / Call Center KPIs


The axes of analysis represent the elements by which you want to segment your observable information (such a KPIs) to understand the rationales behind a given performance. Also called ‘dimensions’.
For a Service Management / Call Center dashboard, Lintao identifies the following axes of analysis (non exhaustive list):

  • Time

  • Customer

  • Carrier / Distributor

  • Claim Type

  • Status

  • Location

  • Product / Service

  • Channel

  • … or your own Service Management / Call Center analysis axes

Example of a key data visualization for Call Center

Here is an example of cockpit for Call Centers:


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