Data Visualization Best-Practices for Cockpit

This Data Visualization supports the need of providing an overview of your main KPIs performance. Very useful and efficient visualization: your main KPIs at once!

Data visualization best-practices

  • For each KPI, you have to display:
    • Category of KPI
    • Avatar
    • Name
    • Performance versus its reference (color coding)
    • Performance (value)
    • Unit of Measure
    • Reference (Budget, Forecast, Baseline, Last Year…)
    • Variance between Actual & Reference
    • Variance in %
    • Arrow indicating growth vs Previous Year
  • Only present the main KPIs helping of keep a strong focus on what really matters
  • Regroup your KPIs by subject area
  • Use color coding to quickly provide a sense of the overall performance
  • Always compare your actual performance versus a reference: a figure in itself is often difficult to assess if not compared to something
  • Leverage avatars
  • Hide information when not applicable. For instance here, the growth arrow from one year to another is only applicable is the scope of the analyzed data is one year

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