Data Visualization Best-Practices For Contribution

This data visualization is very efficient to understand who is helping you reaching your target and who is not. Despite often requiring a bit of explanation at first use, it often becomes a great companions to segment and understand overall performance results.

Data visualization best-practices

  • Display a bar chart
    • Use vertical bars and display the KPI variance (Actual versus Reference)
    • Display the variance on top of each bar
    • Sort item is descending order: you will then have your best contributor on the left
    • Make sure the bar is starting at the top of the previous one
    • Use color coding in bars to show whether the contribution to the performance is positive or not
    • Display a line showing the overall variance (the last bar will of course end at this level)
  • Allow the user to dynamically select the KPI he wants to analyze (for instance moving from a Revenue analysis to a Gross Margin analysis)
  • Allow the user to dynamically select the axes of analysis
  • Allow the user to observe Variance or Variance in %

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