Data Visualization Best-Practices For Fact Sheet Variance

This data visualization provides a clear vision on the variance details split by a given analytical axis (Revenue by Country in this example)

Data visualization best-practices

  • Display bar chart
    • Display horizontal bars for each item showing the variance between KPI value and selected reference
    • Display the variance next to the bar
    • Sort by variance descending
    • Use color coding to illustrate performance versus selected reference
    • Next to item name, display the variance in %
  • Allow the user to dynamically select the KPI he wants to analyze (for instance moving from a Revenue analysis to a Gross Margin analysis)
  • Allow the user to select the analytical axis by which he wants to split the performance
  • Allow the user to dynamically select the reference (Budget, Forecast, Previous Year…) against which to compare the actual KPI performance
  • Allow the user to select point of view on data: Month-To-Date, Quarter-To-Date, Year-to-Date or Moving-Annual-Total

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