Data Visualization Best-Practices For Main KPIs Trends Contribution

Usually used to complement ‘Main KPIs Trends’ visualization, this Data Visualization brings an additional level of detail by showing not only the evolution of two KPIs but as well showing which are the main contributors to this overall performance. Very efficient visualization to gradually move from a macro overview of the performance to a first level of analysis.

Data visualization best-practices

  • For each KPI:
    • Display the KPI name and its avatar
    • Show a colored arrow showing the growth compared to previous year figure
    • Display the KPI performance (+ color based on performance versus the KPI reference)
    • Display the reference type (budget, forecast, previous year…) & value
    • Show the variance of the KPI versus Reference
    • Show the variance % of the KPI versus Reference
    • Show the KPI performance evolution month by month, as bars
    • Show the reference evolution month by month (use different representations of the reference whether it is a Budget, a Forecast a Previous Year value…)
    • Leverage color coding to quickly highlight actual performance of the KPI versus its reference
  • Provide a drill-through functionality helping the user to analyze the evolution at different periods of time. Year, Semester, Quarter, Month, Week, Date
  • Display the actual value in each bar
  • In addition to the KPI evolution, display a table showing the contribution of each item (country in this example) to the over performance
    • Display the item name
    • The performance for this item
    • Complement with a mini chart showing the evolution of this performance across time highlighting the best and worst performance by red & green spots
    • Display the Reference
    • Display the Variance between the KPI performance and its Reference
    • Display the Variance in %
    • Leverage color coding to highlight performance vs Reference
  • Allow the user to dynamically select the axis of analysis (for instance the user would like to see the performance split by Product)

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