Data Visualization Best-Practices for Main KPIs Trends

This Data Visualization supports the need of providing an overview of the main KPIs evolution. Providing 6 KPIs at once, it allows to simply compare the relative evolution of KPIs & Drivers or KPIs & Counter KPIs.

Data visualization best-practices

  • For each KPI:
    • Display the KPI name and its avatar
    • Show a colored arrow showing the growth compared to previous year figure
    • Display the KPI performance (+ color based on performance versus the KPI reference)
    • Display the reference type (budget, forecast, previous year…) & value
    • Show the variance of the KPI versus Reference
    • Show the variance % of the KPI versus Reference
    • Show the KPI performance evolution month by month, as bars
    • Show the reference evolution month by month (use different representations of the reference whether it is a Budget, a Forecast a Previous Year value…)
    • Leverage color coding to quickly highlight actual performance of the KPI versus its reference
  • Provide a drill-through functionality helping the user to analyze the evolution at different periods of time. Year, Semester, Quarter, Month, Week, Date
  • Display the actual value in each bar

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