Data Visualization Best-Practices for Performance Split

This Data Visualization supports the need of providing the top (or worst) performers. Showing you all your top 6 KPIs at once, this visualization really helps you to get an excellent overview of the relative performance of each item (country in this example). For instance here you can see the top countries generating revenues but immediately beside it is shown the Gross Margin & helping you to better understand the rationales behind those figures.

Data visualization best-practices

  • For each item (country in this example):
    • Present your main KPI as first column
    • Complement this KPI with all drivers helping you to explain this performance
    • For each KPI value, leverage mini bars to quickly be able to visualize the relative weight of each item
    • For each KPI value, add a colored arrow indicator showing the growth of this performance versus last year: this serves as well the explanation of the performance in its context
  • Provide the ability to the user to dynamically select the list of items he is analyzing (in this example, a user would want to dynamically move for an analysis by Country to an Analysis by Customer)

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