Data Visualizations Best-Practices For Retention

Are you good at retaining your best customers because the number of your customers has been increasing over years? This key data visualization helping you understand the rationale behind a growth: showing you how this growth has been done namely, how many customers you have been acquiring and how many you have been losing across years

Data visualization best-practices

  • Display a bar chart
    • Thanks to a line, show the number of customers across time (years in this example)
    • For each year, draw a green bar showing the number of acquired customers
    • For each year, draw a red bar showing the number of lost customers
    • Handle the bar offset so that each bar is starting where the previous one ended
  • You can complement this chart by a table computing for the year:
    • New Customer
    • Lost Customers
    • Remaining Customer
    • Retention Rate
    • Acquisition Rate
  • Allow the user to select the analytical axis by which he wants to see the analysis (Customer in this example, but the user might be interested the new/lost markets, the products which are not sold anymore…)

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