Data Visualization Best-Practices For What-If

What would have been the impact of changing one KPI performance on the other KPIs? This great data visualization is very efficient way to visualize it.

Data visualization best-practices

  • Provide as many sliders as needed to allow the user to select a change on a given KPI
  • Each time a change is applied to one of the KPI, re-compute the other ones and display the related impacts with color coding
  • Display those impacts with a horizontal bar chart, leveraging color coding to show whether the impact is positive or negative
  • Display a table showing the initial value of each KPI and the KPIs evaluation after the changes
  • Allow the user to dynamically select the KPIs he wants to analyze (for instance moving from a Revenue analysis to a Gross Margin analysis)
  • Allow the user to select the analytical axis by which he wants to see the analysis

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