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Enroll the best applicants, Deliver high-quality education programs, Develop reputation, Ensure financial stability


Universities, Colleges, Schools or other education institutions are facing similar challenges in line with global economic trends:

  • Intense competition between actors to enroll the best applicants
  • Internationalization of students
  • Recruitment of students across the globe (through digital marketing for instance)
  • Increasing role of parents in school selection based on institution facilities and future job opportunities
  • Development on online courses
  • Need to attract high-visibility profiles to teach and develop institution reputation through high-quality researches and publications
  • Fast-changing demand from industry
  • Evolution of the relations with the governments

Main processes in education

Core education functions can be summarized as a process from prospection of students until their actual graduation.

Once graduated, they become potential prospects for professional education such as MBA for instance.



In addition, standard support functions provides assistance to core education processes.



  • Deliver high-quality courses to ensure high-level satisfaction to students and parents
  • Develop and organize educational programs in line with institution, students and industry expectations
  • Deliver outstanding teaching capabilities by recruiting staff who are nationally and internationally recognized as experts in their field


  • Develop a community who is engaged in creating new knowledge
  • Bring an innovative, entrepreneurial spirit to this work of discovery


  • Develop and maintain an attractive campus around well-being, health, safety and environment
  • Propose hospitality services
  • Develop sports and culture opportunities


  • Define and plan how the institution must be perceived on the market
  • Develop and maintain institution image and reputation across multiple networks: students/parents, research, education & industry

Professional Partnerships

  • Develop partnerships with key opinion leaders & political stakeholders
  • Develop partnerships with key industry players
  • Develop partnerships with other recognized institutions


  • Attract, select and recruit students
  • Ensure the quality of educational and living experience proposed to students

Staff & Organization

  • Recruit and retain talents in both educational and operational areas
  • Attract leading figures
  • Organize resources across the institution


  • Ensure financial stability of the institution
  • Define investment strategy & priorities


There are many areas where a dashboard offers opportunities of improvement in Education. Here are some examples:

Improve efficiency of admission process

By performing a close monitoring of pipeline, rejected and admitted applicants
By focusing on the most promising markets (in terms of quality of applicants)
By understanding what applicants are considering as key to select their future school

Improve education experience

By better planning  the utilization of educational resources
By monitoring the level of satisfaction of students & staff
By gradually adapting scholarship to industry evolution

Develop institution brand, reputation and image

By monitoring the evolution of your brand awareness
By focusing on the most effective communication channels
By investing on most impactful campaigns

Ensure financial stability of the institution

By optimizing existing & developing new revenue streams
By analyzing expenses across departments
By carefully monitoring short & long-term investments

Education KPIS

Key Performance Indicators are used to measure the realized progress towards a strategic objective.
For an Education dashboard, here is a sample list of KPIs Lintao recommends (non exhaustive list):

  • Admissions: Selected, Rejected, Lost Students

  • % Student acceptance Rate

  • % Graduation rate

  • % Student Repetition rate

  • % Attendance Rate per Source

  • Students to Computer Ratio

  • Cost per Graduate

  • Students receiving grants %

  • Student Satisfaction rate %

  • School Spending on Scholarship %

  • Graduated Students

  • Enrolled Students

  • # Nationalities

  • Gender Share %

  • Registered Applicants

  • Alumni

  • Alumni Satisfaction level

  • Faculty Members

  • Classroom Utilization rate %

  • Online courses offering #

  • Research Grants for Academic Staff

  • International Alliances #

  • Nationally Accredited Programs #

  • Participations in international publications #

  • Publications #

  • Reputation Index

  • Campus Surface

  • Teaching surface per Student

  • … or your own Education KPIs

education analytical axes

The axes of analysis represent the elements by which you want to segment your observable information (such a KPIs) to understand the rationales behind a given performance. Also called ‘dimensions’.
For an Education dashboard, Lintao identifies the following axes of analysis (non exhaustive list):

  • Time

  • Institution

  • Strategic Initiative

  • Department

  • Program

  • Section

  • Student

  • Research Unit

  • Field

  • Project

  • … or your own Education analysis axes


Here is an example of a cockpit to monitor Admissions:


More DataViz on Admissions.


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