Develop the value of your information with Data Extraction, Transformation & Loading

Develop the value of your information with | Data Extraction, Transformation & Loading

Extract data from sources, Consolidate and enrich information, finally publish the results to your business community or downstreams.

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Our exclusive agile methodology to design & define data flows

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One of the main challenges when you develop ETL data flows is to be able to specify the business rules with no ambiguity.

For this, we developed our own methodology, based on 15 years experience designing and developing data flows.

This methodology is based on the observation that each data flow can fit into a template which can be leveraged to rationalize and industrialize the creation of ETL data flows.

data flows



  • Extract data using extraction services provided by sources
  • Store extracted data in a staging area


  • Reconcile data
  • Validate / Reject extracted data (functional & technical validation)
  • Enrich information


  • Publicate of information according to defined policy
  • Version information

This structures approach comes with:

  • Pre-defined business analysis template to gather and structure requirements
  • Implementation best-practices to industrialize the data flows development based on this methodology

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