News Hospitality Dashboard: Discover how Eurotel Montreux is leveraging LinPack (by Stephane Compagnon)

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By Nicolas Oury On April 7, 2014
Hospitality Dashboard: Discover how Eurotel Montreux is leveraging LinPack (by Stephane Compagnon)

Stephane Compagnon, Managing Director at Eurotel Montreux is explaining how LinPack by Lintao and QlikView are helping him to improve on a daily basis the monitoring of his hotel. This encompasses both Rooms booking and Foods&Beverages, a complete hospitality dashboard.

This is the Eurotel Montreux, we have a 160 bedrooms. Montreux is a seasonal destination. We have a peak of business in the summer, and the destination is mix between leisure and business travelers.

What were your Business Challenges?

My business challenges in terms of analytical solution is that today in my business I have many different sources of data that makes the access to the information very complicated, very lengthy and I am spending a lot of time on Excel sheets trying to gather all that information.

Why QlikView and LinPack by Lintao?

For our Hospitality dashboard, we selected QlikView and LinPack by Lintao because it is a single point of access to the information. It makes all the different sources of data that I have today in the hotel into one single hospitality dashboard. So it simplifies the access, it is very easy to work with all this data. It is so simple, it is actually fun to search for this data, and also, one of the very strong feature of LinPack and QlikView is that it really leads to concrete solutions.

What are the benefits on the business?

Concrete benefits today on our Hospitality Dashboard based QlikView and LinPack is that it leads to concrete decisions whether it is commercial whether it is rate strategy, whether it is marketing or cost control. All this you can gather from the information you get from LinPack so very strong base for your business decisions. It is also one-stop shop if I can it like that. You have all the information in one place: no more need to look for the costs in the accounting, you have a system for F&B, you have a system for rooms. It is all into one.