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Life Sciences Dashboard: Clinical Trials, Market Demand, Production processes, Ex-Factory Sales, SalesRep activity on the field: all what you must be able to analyze smoothly to reach your objectives.


Life Sciences sector covers a large variety of players. A number of parameters come into play when developing a new product: clinic trials, market demand, production process, ex-factory sales, the work of sales reps in the field… Each company in the sector must be able to measure, analyze and interpret each one of these parameters in as reliable a way as possible.

However, in order to progress further, more detailed analysis is required. You need to know why a given drug performs better in one region than another, rationalize quality control and production…

The challenge often resides in the rationalization of resources, efficiency and cost control. However, financial factors should not be the only ones taken into consideration. Product quality, respect for the environment and compliance with deadlines are also essential points that need to be continually challenged. All of the related data is difficult to process and analyze without the help of a pharmaceutical dashboard…

life sciences eco-system

Therapeutics and Diagnostics

Molecular Diagnostics
Drug Delivery
Antibodies / Anti-infectives
Cell Therapy / Stem Cells
Generics / Biosimilars
Gene Therapy
Nucleic Acid Drugs
Proteins / Peptides
Chemical Drug, Small Molecules

R&D Services

Cell Culture
Bioinformatics / Genomics & Proteomics
CMO – Contact Manufacturing Organization
CRP – Contract Research Organization
Diagnostic Instrumentation / Analytical Services
Drug Delivery
Technology Platforms

Medical Devices

Packaging and Labeling
Medical Devices
Laboratory engineering and equipment
Instrumentation and Electronics
Consumables & Reagents
Mechanical Engineering / Micro Engineering

Medical Technology

Anesthetic and Respiratory Devices
Ophtalmic and Optical Devices
In Vitro Diagnostic Devices
Hospital Hardware
Electro Mechanical Medical Devices
Diagnostic & Therapeutic Devices / Imaging
Dental Devices
Delivery Devices
Biomaterials / Coatings
Tissue Engineering / Regenerative Medecine

LIFE SCIENCES: dashboarding landscape

Product Development

Project Portfolio Management
Research & Clinical Trial Planning / Cost Analysis
Pharmacovigilance: Adverse event & side effect analysis
Regulatory Reporting

Manufacturing & Supply Chain

Demand Planning
Master Planning

Sales & Marketing

Global Pricing Management
Sales & Operations Planning
Sales Strategy
Customer Segmentation
Territory Management
Sales Activity Monitoring
Sales & After-Sales Services

Entreprise Performance Management

Financial Performance
Workforce & HR Analytics
IT efficiency


In the Life Sciences industry, as in others, competition is fierce between the various groups that dominate the market. This is why it is important to define clear, precise goals:

  • Optimize the work of sales reps

  • Understand the operation of specific markets by analyzing competitors’ sales

  • Obtain the licenses required to market a drug / product on a given market

  • Adapt marketing campaigns according to the product, the target territory and the customer base that lives there

  • Select and improve products on the basis of reports drawn up by physicians and researchers

  • Take into account forecasts made by the Key Account Manager

  • Bolster your presence in hospitals and among key opinion leaders

  • Manage time and the organization…


In a context of ever-growing competition among Life Sciences groups, it is essential to be assisted by a tool such as the fully customizable Life Sciences dashboard, which enables the optimization of costs and time management. With this tool, you will be able to:

  • Executing a top-down strategy based on targets and initiatives and aligning the organization to business priorities

  • Optimizing resource allocation to therapeutic areas and brands to maximize the performance of the portfolio

  • Maximizing launch effectiveness by coordinating complex, multi-functional processes

  • Analyzing and planning key commercial value-drivers such as pricing, selling and marketing spend, key opinion leader management, and other factors to increase growth and profitability

  • Driving improved operational cost, quality, and compliance through more effective planning, analytics, and performance management

  • Managing strategic alliances for maximum value by clarifying shared business objectives, roles, and accountability and monitoring KPIs and execution

  • Providing executives and business managers with the right information and tools to make better decisions, manage risk, and successfully execute their strategies


Key Performance Indicators are used to measure the realized progress towards a strategic objective.
For a Life Sciences dashboard, here is a sample list of KPIs Lintao recommends (non exhaustive list):

  • Revenue

  • Direct Sales

  • Indirect Sales

  • DOI (Days of Inventory)

  • DSO (Day Dales Outstanding)

  • Profit

  • Sales Units / Equivalent Units

  • Direct / Indirect Sales

  • Market Demand

  • Wholesaler Outflow

  • ExFactory / Wholesaler / Public Prices

  • Treated patients

  • Physician Calls (#)

  • Out of Territory (Days, %)

  • IMS Market Share

  • IMS Market Growth (%)

  • NRx

  • TRx

  • … or your own Life Science KPIs


The axes of analysis represent the elements by which you want to segment your observable information (such a KPIs) to understand the rationales behind a given performance. Also called ‘dimensions’.
For a Life Sciences dashboard, Lintao identifies the following axes of analysis (non exhaustive list):

  • Time

  • Organization

  • Business Line

  • Territory

  • Customer

  • Product

  • Physician

  • Key Account Manager

  • Hospital

  • … or your own Life Science analysis axes


Get a holistic view of the physicians you are going to visit:

life sciences dashboard


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