LinPack for Qlik Sense Ready-to-use Dashboards

LinPack for Qlik Sense | Ready-to-use Dashboards

Save from 5 to 50 days per dashboard

LinPack for Qlik Sense - Process


There are two ways to use LinPack for Qlik Sense:

  • DASHBOARD TEMPLATES: Leverage our pre-built dashboards in terms of KPIs and Dataviz across 40+ Business Domains
  • CUSTOM DASHBOARD: A special need? No template available for you? With LinPack for Qlik Sense, we can adress ANY KPI, ANY BUSINESS and ANY DATA SOURCE!

LinPack enriches your Qlik Sense application with an EMBEDDED KPI DICTIONNARY

For each KPI, your KPI Dictionnary will be automatically enriched with 50+ calculations:

  • Current Month vs Previous Month
  • Current Month vs Same Month, Previous Year
  • Current Month – Actual vs Target
  • YTD – Current Year vs Previous Year
  • YTD – Actual vs Target



  • Centralized definition of Business Rules
  • Bug-free calculations
  • Calculations easily accessible from your own DataViz
  • Predefined library of Business Aggregation Rules to enrich Qlik Sense functions (e.g. “Sum of (Last Period Only)”…)

Library of ready-to-use Data Visualizations

LinPack for Qlik Sense allows to leverage on many different pre-buit dashboard pages:

  • Cockpit Dashboard
  • Top KPIs Overview
  • Top KPIs Evolution
  • Top KPI Performance
  • Fact Sheet
  • Pareto Analysis
  • Segmentation Analysis
  • Trend Analysis
  • Seasonality Analysis
  • Geographical Analysis
  • Ad Hoc Analysis
  • LifeCycle Analysis


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LinPack relies on QLIK SENSE Technology

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