PRESS RELEASE: Lintao to announce the international launch of ‘LinPack for Tableau’ in Las Vegas, 9th of October

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By Nicolas Oury On September 12, 2017
PRESS RELEASE: Lintao to announce the international launch of ‘LinPack for Tableau’ in Las Vegas, 9th of October is an exclusive online service to

automate the creation of stunning Tableau dashboards in just 5 minutes


Geneva, Switzerland, 12th of September 2017 – Lintao today announce the worldwide launch of ‘LinPack for Tableau’, its online service to generate Tableau dashboards, at Tableau Conference 2017 in Las Vegas from the 9th to the 12th of October. During the conference, thousands of enthusiastic data fans will be present to attend the global launch of LinPack for Tableau.


LinPack for Tableau: the essential Tableau companion

‘LinPack for Tableau’ allows anybody to automate the creation of Tableau dashboards, for any business, any KPI and on any data source. In just 5 minutes, get a fully functional Tableau dashboard which you can use as-is, or as a development accelerator for additional customization. LinPack for Tableau provides business templates as well to accelerate the creation of dashboards such as Sales, Procurement or Digital Marketing.

A simple wizard is driving you to the creation of an amazing Tableau dashboard:

  • Pick-up your key analytical dimensions
  • Define your Key Performance Indicators
  • Select your preferred data visualizations from our gallery


Why LinPack

Creating a dashboard is not a simple thing to do. How to effectively measure your performance? Which KPIs to put in place? How to organize your dashboard so that you can easily drill from top to detailed level of information? Which kind of data visualizations would maximize the understanding of information? Once you get answers to those key questions, you need to acquire skills to know how to make it concrete in a dashboarding solution. However, 80% of all dashboards over the world are very similar: indeed, whatever the business you are in, you have some KPIs and you want to know three things: 1) What is the current performance of your KPIs? 2) How this performance is evolving across time 3) Who is pushing the performance in the right direction and in the bad direction. You can work for a bank, a non-profit organization or an industry, this model always applies. What really characterizes your dashboard is the KPIs you choose and the top 20% of data visualizations which are typical to your organization or to your business sector.

Instead of having you reinventing the wheel for each dashboard, Lintao has been capitalizing best-practices across all sectors, all businesses and proposes to automate the creation of this common pillar which represents 80% of your dashboard, saving you time to focus on what is really typical to your activity.

By improving the productivity with Tableau up to 50 times, LinPack allows to reduce costs, save time and improve quality of dashboards. LinPack can be used by Tableau experts to speed-up dashboards creation or by business users to accelerate time-to-analysis.

Launching ‘LinPack for Tableau’ in Las Vegas during the Tableau Conference 2017, is a fantastic opportunity for us to present our solution which is bringing a true revolution in how fast an organization can visualize and analyze its data. We want to serve the entire Tableau community, from beginner Tableau customers to experts.Nicolas Oury, CEO of Lintao.

“I’m very impressed with what Lintao has been able to accomplish. Automating the creation of dashboards on any kind of business or data source has been a challenge for years in the analytics industry, and Lintao has succeeded in doing it. The amount of interactivity that Lintao has programmed into the dashboards is impressive and extremely useful. It was interesting to look at my data this way.” Edouard Beaucourt, Country Manager, France


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