Realizing value from my BI technology Qlik Sense Dashboard

Realizing value from my BI technology | Qlik Sense Dashboard

Qlik Sense is the new dashboarding solution of Qlik company. Qlik Sense is proposing complementary added-value to QlikView, proposing self-service dashboarding: any user being able to create his own dashboard.



Self-Service dashboards / End-user Empowerment

Qlik Sense is the solution for end-users willing to develop their own analysis, their own dashboards. It allows any user to extract data from a given source (Excel or data bases) and easily build data visualizations.


Qlik Sense is 100% adapted to mobility. The interface is totally responsive. This means that a dashboard being developed on a laptop will be automatically reshaped to fit a usage on a tablet or a phone. not only this, but the layout is designed so that the development of dashboard can also be done one a tablet.

Ability to create data stories

The dashboard is commonly used as a mean to detect an given fact or event. The related data visualization is then often copied as an image in a Powerpoint presentation which is finally presented or sent to responsible persons. This scenario breaks the link between the visulization and the data. Qlik Sense proposes the concept of data stories, namely you can create a slide deck integrating your data visualizations, add comments or images (as you would do it in Powerpoint) but you always maintain the dynamic link to the dashboard allowing you drill in your data within the presentation itself.


Qlik Sense comes out with a central data dictionary allowing to provide a simple and governed access to the most used KPIs and dimensions. This central dictionary also allows to define reusable data visualization, improving people productivity in creating dashboards.

Leverage investment on QlikView

Leveraging the same back-end as QlikView, Qlik Sense allows you to reuse your existing QlikView data models. This allows you to mutualize the data layer between QlikView and Qlik Sense.

Flexible and Scalable Licensing model

There is no server license: just tokens. A token can be used to serve one given user, or a set of users with ad-hoc accesses. Easy to understand, easy to govern, cost effective.

Customizable and Open

You have a very specific data visualization you cannot find by default in Qlik Sense? No worry, being totally open, it is very easy to develop it in Qlik Sense and make it available for your users. Mashups allows you as well to totally customize Qlik Sense user interface to adapt it to your specific needs. Finally, Qlik Sense offers simple ways to integrate pieces of your dashboards in your organization corporate portal.

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