A Qlik Sense journey with Lintao

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By Robert Hoekstra On April 4, 2018
A Qlik Sense journey with Lintao

It has been 4 years since the first version of Qlik Sense was announced. 4 years of continuous improvements of the product have allowed Qlik Sense to go from a innovative and forward looking promise to a recognized industry standard. As evidences, Qlik Sense now represent more than 50% of Qlik license revenues, and Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Analytics and Business Intelligence Platforms just improved Qlik’s positioning as a leader for the eighth straight year.

So we thought this anniversary would be a great opportunity to share with you how our team of certified Qlik consultants leveraged Qlik Sense extended capabilities and great flexibility to transform BI Projects into true success stories.


The Best of QlikView and Qlik Sense

One of our first success Story with Qlik Sense has been in the Public Transports sector.  The customer was already using LinPack for QlikView to monitor the quality of service (number of passengers by lines, on time / delayed arrivals etc). This dashboard had been a great way of empowering data scientists to explore hundred of millions or records of data freely. A great success that lead to the creation of a “Analytics Unit” with 3 FTE dedicated to analytics.

The next step arrived with Qlik Sense. Qlik Sense has allowed non-IT power users to gain autonomy in dashboard building. The results have been greater user adoption, more productivity through a wider task force able to create dashboards. Using Lintao’s LinPack framework has allowed a smooth start by leveraging a centralized and shared KPI dictionary between QlikView and Qlik Sense.

This project has been a great case for those who do not want to choose between QlikView and Qlik Sense but just get the best of both worlds ????.


From QlikView to Qlik Sense

Another of our QlikView customer, a not for profit organization was impressed by Qlik Sense modern and responsive design, they felt Qlik Sense instead of QlikView would deliver all they needed. After a couple of days of training, we empowered business users to help them migrating their main application from QlikView to Qlik Sense. After a two month transitioning phase to complete the migration, all users were switched to Qlik Sense and the QlikView server was shut down for good.

The customer also benefited from our expertise on Qlik NPrinting that has been used to deliver dashboards pages to top management directly to their mailbox!

Contact us to learn more about how to migrate from QlikView to Qlik Sense.


Entering the world of modern Analytics

Another use case that we have covered thanks to Qlik Sense great flexibility is for a big city in Suisse Romande. Through a partnership the local authority for statistics OCSTAT, and by integrating some open data sets and maps, we built a Qlik Sense dashboard allowing users accessing multiple data sources into one centralized place.

This example shows how you can get better return on investment by using a single tool that provides great data visualization capabilities along with advanced data transformation features (and maps ????).


Platform Integration

One great strength of Qlik Sense is the ability to extend and integrate through use of extensions, mashups and open APIs. All of these features modern web technologies like HTML 5, CSS, JavaScript… We built a custom mashup for one of our client in the pharma industry to integrate a CEO dashboard seamlessly into their intranet portal. The project also featured SAP integration with Sales and Distribution, Production Planning, Material Management, Supply Chain, and Finance and Controlling.

NPrinting has been used to deliver on a daily basis:

  • key SAP’s figures to the production & inventory departments for better forecasting purposes,
  • key sales figures to all affiliate managers for better management purposes,
  • key top management KPIs to the CEO


Enterprise scalability

One last topic that we wanted to share is Enterprise scalability through governed data discovery. We helped a large private bank making the switch from traditional BI to self-service BI. Starting with the user roles definition, we defined and implemented the architecture for a platform that features seven Qlik Sense servers. The Qlik Sense framework is very flexible and allows implementing security rules and load balancing to your exact needs. We also trained developers, admins and power users to fully leverage the power of the platform.


So what’s next?

Thanks to the very recent changes to the pricing model, Qlik Sense becomes even more attractive and comes with more modules included in the standard pricing (Geo Analytics, Web Connectors…).

Through our long time partnership with Qlik, started in 2013 on the very first day of Lintao, we would of course be delighted to help you with your BI strategy, Qlik Sense server installation and set up, Qlik Sense dashboard development. We also provide custom trainings on dashboard design and best practices with QlikView and Qlik Sense.

Contact us for a free proof of concept on your data, leveraging LinPack for Qlik Sense, we bet you will be impressed ????