Realizing value from my BI technology QlikView Dashboard

Realizing value from my BI technology | QlikView Dashboard

QlikView is a dashboarding technology developped by Qlik company. QlikView offers an incredible productivity allowing to address almost any business need in a couple of days. Offering superior user experience and being able to work with hundreds of millions of lines instantaneously, QlikView is a great solution to develop easy-to-use and advanced dashboards. QlikView is complementary to Qlik Sense.




Fantastic User Experience

QlikView allows to deliver superior analytics experience. Being at the same time easy-to-use for a ad-hoc user of the dashboards, but not compromising on the effectiveness of the dashboards for an advanced user.

Application-based model

With QlikView, you will get access to one dashboard / application per domain (finance, sales, operations…) providing you with the best analytics experience per business.

Social & Collaborative

The users of a QlikView dashboard can interact directly on a dashboard: each user can actually write comment to complement the analysis of a given performance, the comment being shared across user community. It is also possible to share a QlikView dashboard with another user for an analysis session, even with someone not having a QlikView license.

Personalized access

Each user will only have access to the information he is allowed to analyze. For instance, the head of the organization will see all the information, whereas the head of a given business unit will only see information for his business unit.


QlikView can connect to multiple data sources at the same time and join those sets of information into one single dashboard or data visualization.

Superior performance and response time

QlikView comes with a unique backend allowing to work instantaneously with hundreds of lines, offering new opportunities in terms of analysis.

Disconnected mode

Not only you can deploy QlikView dashboards over the web, QlikView is the single dashboarding solution allowing as well you to work on with your data being disconnected from the network. You can now leverage your dashboards anywhere: in the plane, at customer side…

Advanced Data Modeling capabilities

You want quick results to your dashboarding initiatives? You are not willing to spend months of effert putting in place a datawarehouse to prepare your information? QlikView is then the right solution for you. Coming with embedded data modelling features, QlikView allows you to manipulate the most complex data sources to improve your productivity in delivering dashboards.

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