Technological innovation and internationalization have always been the driving forces of our growth, enabling us to become a recognized leader in numerous markets throughout the world.

Since 1956, we have continually expanded the range of applications served by our core technology, twin-screw extrusion. Acquiring Afrem in 2002 also allowed us to become a world leader in providing couscous production lines, based on our innovative Rotante rotary drying technology.

We have developed an extensive line of innovative products and processes targeting three very diverse markets: “Food & Feed“, “Green industries” and “Powder Industries“. For 50 years, we have also provided precision dosing pumps to the energy and chemistry industries through our DKM brand.

Building on the success of our technology and processes in 92 countries, we now operate on five continents, providing our expertise and services locally. This diversity enables to diversify our assets, both culturally and technologically.

Our company signature says it all: Extrusion Expertise Excellence